We are Karin and Richard.  We’ve just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  We have three children, no pets but rather too many cars to keep at our current house. We have long had a yearning to build our own home.  This is our house building story. We have decided to share our story through a blog as we have so many family members, friends and acquaintances who have expressed an interest, or who are doing the same thing, and quite honestly it seemed the easiest way to do it…..

One slightly unusual aspect of this blog is that it has taken us  two years to start writing it.  That’s two years from the time we actually purchased the existing house and land.  So the first few posts will bring you up to speed and then, at some point, we’ll catch up.  Probably….

We hope you enjoy the blog.  Please leave comments if you would like to as we would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Karin and Richard – love the blog, and looking forward to the next instalment! Though it is going to take a while to catch up given all that’s happened over the last 2 years…especially looking forward to more on the ‘green fingers’ and associated culinary endeavours! So happy for you too- it’s been lovely to see you are enjoying your adventure and very exciting watching the story unfold so far…..Good Luck for the next stage!


  2. Hi Karin and Richard
    I’ve just discovered your blog again, after reading it with much interest (and jealousy) at the time it was first published.
    There is still no final update (that I can see anyway!), so I have to ask if it is finished? Are you happily living in the house? Are the cars happy in their new home?
    Thank you and best wishes.


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